George Takei:Allegiance A New Broadway Musical

Oh my.

George Takei, the famed actor of Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, has taken on a new role. George Takei is known for his activism in both the asian and gay community, and now he is taking another personal stance. Allegiance: A New American Musical is the story of the Japanese American family torn asunder by the internment camps that they were forced into during War World 2.  George Takei plays an older Sammy Kimura, a War veteran who is at odds with his family, who must find a way to accept the past.  Takei himself was in an interment camp as a child.

Be warned, this is not Star Trek. George and his fellow Allegiance  makers are hoping to shed light on the often looked over plight of the Japanese Americans during War World 2.  The musical is open to the world beginning September 7th.


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