Phineas and Fern: Mission Marvel

So what happens when you combine successful superheroes  of the Marvel Universe with the hip new musical show Phineas and Ferb of Disney?

I don’t know,  but shall find out very soon.

Three years ago  Disney acquired  Marvel and have been reaping the benefits of successful movies, a small television block of new shows, and many other event. Until now though, Marvel and Disney have been pretty separate. This all changes during the summer of 2013. The heroes (and a few villains)  of Marvel will team up with the Disney Duo an d their friends in an attempt to reclaim the heroes powers from Doctor Doofenshmirtz. Meanwhile, a few villains will cause calamity with the evil pharmacist. The Line-up includes Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man, and The Hulk.  Phineas And Ferb is a television about two young boys, and young geeks, who spend their summer combing fantastic inventions with music. Both franchises have had a lot of success individually, so a team up has the potential for super success.

No matter how this ends up, it will surly be something that people will be talking about.


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