Noodlecrumbs is crowd funding for the creative types

Ever have an idea for a really great product but have no clue how to get it up and running. The site Noodlecrumb is Kickstarter for those who have good ideas but no way to get them off the ground. The way it works is a person comes up with an idea and posts it. People then donate to it an amount of money. Companies then offer to buy the idea and say what they will do with it. Those who donated will then be able to vote on which company they want to produce the project.

With this come some problems, the first being that the idea founder may have no clue how much it takes to make the project come to life.  How much does it take to run solar panel a garage roof so your hybrid car can charge? I personally have no idea.

The next problem is what does the founder get for his idea other than the ability to buy their supper cool product. So far there is nothing in play as far as compensation but website founder Sachin Shukla says that they are figuring out the system now and that he foresees a solution soon.
Will this program boom like Kickstarter or die because businesses wont want to invest? We will see.


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