Looking For Help

Guys I know I keep doing this but for this blog to grow and florish the way I hope, I need your help.

First of all thank you for everyone who has subscribed. I truly appreciate the support and hope you enjoy my work.

To those of you who comment, Thanks. It is always good to see people engaging. Please keep it up.

If you have ever Liked a post or even better reblogged a post thank you as well. With out you I would have no idea what people want to see.

Now for the help part.

As of right now I have two writers including myself and my amazing fiance. If you have any interest in working on a Nerd Blog please contact me. I truly would like the help.

Thanks again and this is the last time for a while.




  1. weaponsofmassdelight · July 10, 2012

    What would be the best way to contact you if we wished to work on a nerd blog?

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