Diablo III ‘s rocky start.

So just in case you didn’t know the third game in Blizzard’s Diablo series was released today. Cool right? This top down multiplayer dungeon crawler RPG is set up to be a huge hit. The game has been shown off for years and in development for bout 10 years. It has been hyped by commercials and nerds everywhere. This game is all set up to be the next big thing in PC gaming.

Well there have been a number of big problems that have pissed people off. Here is a list.

1. Error 307

This is an error that Blizzard told us about. Basically because Blizzard requires people to log onto their servers they can get backed up and so last night when people first started playing, some hit an error 307 that stopped them from proceeding.


2. Character Creation.

So some people have reported errors when creating a character. If a player creates a character and then logs out of the game, they come back to a game with filled character slots. Meaning, you can only create a single instead of the three that you are allowed. Game breaking, no, annoying, very.

3. Tiny errors.

There a bunch of small errors that may pop up while playing. Blizzard is aware of these problem but most can be dealt with by logging off and logging back in again.


So far there is only one reported error that stops the player cold. In some games, mostly in games where the player is playing the demon hunter class, when the player delivers a Shield to an NPC known as a Templar, the player is kicked out and logged off. The player is then unable to log back into the Battle.net account. Game Broken.


All of these problems however have not stopped Korea. In 5 hours players in Korea have already cleared the entire game on Normal Level. Pretty impressive.In the end I am sure Blizzard will fix all of these soon but just be aware before you cough up the monthly subscription.




  1. Luminator · May 22, 2012

    There is no monthly subscription for DIII.
    Jus’ sayin’.

    • Nerdaholic Industries · May 22, 2012

      YOU SIR ARE CORRECT. Thanks I some time make mistakes and actually just bought the game. I should have known. Thank you for calling me out.

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