The 10 Goofiest ‘Doctor Who’ Monsters

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One of the best things about Doctor Who is the endlessly creative creatures he encounters. Imaginative and memorable, some of the most talked about are the ones that haunt the dark shadows of our mind long after the end of the episode. The Weeping Angels, the Silence and the Cybermen are oft spoken about as being among the best and most frightening. But then there’s the downright goofy…

NB: this list references creatures seen from the Ninth Doctor onwards. If I tried listing all the goofy looking monsters from the early seasons I’d be here all night.

10. The Sycorax

Initially appearing to be pretty badass, this skull wearing skinless aliens arrived on Christmas Day and promptly took Earth hostage through mind control. When the Doctor woke up from his regeneration induced coma the tables were quickly turned. The fleshy Sycorax were revealed to be a race of scavengers who…

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