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I went through a phase of making hand-sewn artisan bears. On a whim, I decided to try using polymer clay to make footpads and the claws for the bears. I had never used polymer clay before, but I realized I had a knack for it and it wasn’t long before it became my main crafting medium. Pretty soon I was sculpting realistic skulls, life-size scorpions, and detailed Fallout miniatures. I still can’t believe those are the first items I decided to create, having no introduction into working with polymer, but I’m glad I did. I had fun trying new things, and wasn’t afraid of messing up because there wasn’t much of a financial commitment attached to the craft.

Polymer clay may be a cheaper craft material than, say, mohair or oil paint, but the art created is no less beautiful because of it. It’s an extremely versatile medium…

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  1. Alia · March 29, 2012

    Thanks for re-blogging my article!

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