Psst…Your Dork is Showing

Little Green Pixie

Enter…the wall

It is an uninteresting, innocent-looking specimen at the top of the flight of stairs that permits entrance into the abode.  It has a creamy oatmeal complexion, with several crack and bumps along an otherwise smooth surface.  It is part of a house built in the 1800s, so some cracks are to be expected.

In a house of odd angles and large windows (see object to the left of specimen), it is difficult to find large expanses of smooth, unadulterated wall.

Enter…the Tardis

A roughly 7 foot tall gentian blue specimen constructed in four segments to be applied to the wall above to add pizzazz and infinite levels of dorkiness to our already dork-ridden home.  The go ahead was given by the other dwellers of this establishment, and with the aid of Vinyltastic, purveyor of vinyl wall art (it would be well advised to follow that link), the…

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