So I thought I would show off my captains and goals of choice for my two new teams.

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and the hunters.

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Thoughts from a……

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since I have actually sat down to write anything on here. I thought it would be a good time to start-up again.

I have decided to start writing again so I am starting this new series.

Thoughts from a…. is an article that will be my musings as I move through Life. Some will be fun and nerdy while others may be a bit more serious.

My goal with this is to write a new one at least once a week. That may get pushed to once a month but with new years on its way I think this will be one of my resolutions.

So…. Here is my first.

Thoughts from a…….. (The Unemployed)

It is hard in the current economic environment to keep cash coming in. The job market is not easy especially for the under thirties. There are, luckily, a number of ways to help even your odds in the hunt for work.


With the holidays round the corner stores are always looking to hire. That black friday rush may be scary but it also happens every year. So while the holidays are sometimes harder on those full-time job seekers, don’t forget that the seasonal positions can help balance out that christmas spending.


No matter where you are, recruiting companies are a great way of finding all kinds of work. From temp to contract to full-time they have it all. Most offer office or administrative positions along with your more blue-collar fare. There are even some that have or specialize in creative positions. A simple google search will help turn up those near you.


*Disclaimer – Not all internet jobs boards are created equally. Job hunt online with a cautious eye.*

There a thousand and one online job sites. Start with the big names, your Monster and Indeed. I also suggest checking out your states job and family services web site. They tend to have a more extensive list.

And that is it. Good luck folks. Remember it may not be the ideal job but any port in a storm. This may also be the perfect time to think about going back to school or really work on your side projects.

Telltale Games Does it Agian

Telltale is the company that brought back the old school point and click adventure game. From the amazing work that they did on The Walking Dead game to the big risk they took on the Fables game The Wolf Among Us, they have made games that rival some of the classics like Monkey Island. Now they are going to try it again with another HUGE IP.


Check out this trailer bellow and get as excited I am.